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The first contact is by this contact form or by postal mail *, for example to request info or explanations for visiting us. I send you only the response, no spam or advertisement! I would not transmit your email address, promised! If you want to be called back, please indicate your phone or SKYPE name, then I would contact you. Because there is no voice-mailbox and I stopped the mobile phone!

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For the seeds, by email, postal mail or by coming on-site: sending and seed costs are payable in advance.

Requests a password if necessary


Give or get pips and cores (request here a padded envelope)…

New collection (of 50 wild fruits delicious raw and sovereign mostly unsung).

Freely chosen the amount of your membership as well as the quantities and seeds of the article “… seeds… price…“.

1 Classic sample contains 5 to 10 seeds as appropriate. The association:

-buy seed in quantities to professional suppliers for varietal purity.

-It strives to provide these 50 seeds, because there was no such collection previously. If you need anything else, there are other relevant specialists.

Crazy Sowers: for more seeds, take advantage of the prices of wholesale (bulk order).

Sends a check and write your choices on plain paper, examples below:

“I agree with the actions of the association Emerald, relayed on

I donate to… (Check to the order of the Emerald association)

Among the 50 fruits of his collection, I want to sow the seeds which here are the names: (write quantities and names or initials)
I would like to receive the seeds now, or just receive them after their next harvest, under 12 months (advantage: fresh seeds germinate faster), possibly as and measure in several shipments.

If exceptionally one or more varieties proved to be unavailable within 12 months, I prefer:

-receive the following year


-replace them with these:…



I would like to receive a convention to sow my land and share its fruits”.

* (Send it to the following address; Note that this address is not sufficient to find! If you come, it is essential to ask the plan of access, by mail. I insist on this recommendation, because some still come without plan or appointment, and leave without finding the place!)

thermes solaires

310 (P) ch tubasse

13540 Aix en Provence

For visits, requests for appointment and necessary explanations of access:

The Charter to copy – paste into your message is at the bottom of this page

In your message, copy – paste the Charter or its summary, by adding your memberships or remarks.

And, if you come and visit to consider a rental:

In order to check what housing would be suitable to you, specify your desired affinities of neighbourhood in case of rental: for example:

-at what hours permit you / would you the noise/music,.

-toléreriez naturism of simplicity of a neighbour, for you same and your guests?

-internet is divided into wired (16 networks RJ45) and a fixed tel is available. Would you use / toléreriez you mobile phone or WI – FI?

-or of other compatibility criteria of direct neighbourhood (the distance of one dwelling to another can vary from 1 to 100 m, and it may or may not be a Visual counterparts at case by case.)

Are you looking for a house ready and decent, or a hut to finish or rebuild?


To not disappoint visitors who it would not be appropriate, is asked to copy – paste the summary which follows (conditions) in your request to visit: points to respect, in red, are preceded by a ‘ + ‘.
This not to subsequently impose unexpected conditions. On request your attention so you don’t impose yourself nothing unexpected.

+ It is not a community but a simple “ecohameau”: any collective initiatives would be spontaneous but not organized nor imposed. Except RDV, person is designated to welcome or come toward you, it is up to you to propose meeting or initiative, without anyone being obliged to accept it. Each “inhabitant year-round” has a private space, as in all rentals.

If you just several days, upon arrival you pay € 5 up to €25 planned, they will be refunded to you daily (or not) according to your participation manual, and our eventual provision of food, duvet…

For what would be not here, stated an opening or argument for rational dialogue is desired to admit this would be ecological and more advantageous.
Our Charter or internal regulations satisfied the choice and tranquility of people coming to live, the balance of nature, respect for life. Representative of a viable long-term behaviour, largely developed in the interactive articles. The best possible solutions are sought, to food and energy sovereignty, without harming self, others, or the nature of which we are an integral part.
For example, more than half of the ecological footprint of a European (need in Earth’s surface) is represented by its food:
+ vegetarian as much as possible food “raw vegan”.
+ organic permaculture
+ Lightweight constructions: you need not “hard” structures
+ Toilet dry and compost
Today, it is both our tastes and behaviour still minority being the only ones who would, if they were adopted on a large scale to all inhabitants of the planet and more, and have sufficient resources (good) live in peace (nasa has calculated that society will change or disappear in 25 years, due to the decline of natural resources).
Some arbitrary rules laid down in many buildings, will not affect us, for example here it is allowed to dry her laundry to windows! This offers nothing but benefits, shadow on windows avoid the production in the summer of heat per m2 of glass 1000W, and evaporation produces cold… Unlike electric dryers by elsewhere very fuel-inefficient…
Some people are sensitive, and these technologies being advantageously replaced by internet wired plugs in each apartment as well as in the forest (FYI: insurers did more against asbestos since 1913, several decades before that it is officially considered dangerous;) And they provide more against the harms of GSM and WIFI since 2003, while they are finally officially recognized carcinogens by who since 2013: see “ROBIN of roofs”):
+ No wifi, gsm reserved to certain areas
+ dogs are not, violence or injunctions of dressage
+ naturism tolerated, simple and non-exhibitionist.

At first, some clauses here may seem unfair to persons who have adopted a dog for example, but it is not arbitrarily that we do not want, for example because they are the primary cause of disappearance of hedgehogs. that regulate themselves populations of snails, etc…
{%!=d716acca-0920-4415-82c1-7e5131fad6c2=!%} Please do so outside of the écolieu, or choose another place of life to not to interfere with people who come to live here because these things there to disturb them or because it is a threat in the more or less long term. No cigarette, barbecues, Fireworks, incense, candles… to comply with the Decree of the Department within 200 M of a wooded area. Smokers should be 300 metres to go smoke, this condition has been hailed as an advantage by smokers themselves, ex-post. By signing this agreement, you agree to this association of inhabitants, because your natural behaviors correspond to those required by the Charter, and match your tastes and consciousness.
+ No alcohol
+ No smoke, no fire.
+ use environmentally friendly products, and no salt in the bath water.
+ Use of traps in replacement of mouse poison,
+ do not cut flowers (except carrot, burdock)
+ detailed consultation requested in case of work and cutting of plants
+ do not cut the tip of a wing of a chicken (if there are any), do not hunt

Use of products and cosmetic 100% natural and biodegradable, even and especially for treatments. There are economical solutions involving that benefits: vinegar, shikakai, land of rhassoul, black SOAP, washing nuts (and others to request case by case: we will supply troubleshooting).
 {%!=28710ed0-1535-461d-81ac-dd613a53905d=!%} hydrogen peroxide can be useful. The European ecolabel ensures that 20% of the ingredients! buy any products ‘green marketing’ in supermarkets…
No salt in the water bath (does not degrade and trees at night).

It is formally agreed that all tolerances on the part of the lessor or his representative to the terms and conditions, what in could be the frequency and duration, can never, and in any case, be considered as a modification or deletion of the clauses and conditions nor as generators of a right any.
Do not cut or trim without reason thoughtful and well coordinated;

By mechanism, habit or formatting, it would distort sometimes unnecessarily spontaneous expression of trees and bushes which makes the charm than others… (continued on the website)

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