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B12, Test: would you do part of the minority who would not need?

 7% of omnivores and 60-90% of the vegan even crudivores * and 20 to 60% of vegetarians lack of b12. I had never thought I would miss something but Coralie (dietician) * alerted me and then I did a test * and I invite everyone to do the same for their experience, and comment at the end of this article to contribute to better understand how not to miss about being vegan.

Here is a link of reference site well filled in by a German doctor:

The link above (that this article summarizes and complete), explains what tests and supplements are/are not valables.* *.

Our species would have lost intestinal appendage which appeared on the old anatomical plates. Could he absorb the b12 in feces? Neither seaweed nor a good intestinal flora cannot guarantee the intake of B12 *.

Frugivorous apes eat some maggots and feces (rich in b12): not for me.

Vitamin b12 would be obtained industrially on crops bacterial vegan. How? Could be inspired to satisfy its b12 naturally at home?

* I measured my methylmalonic acid (which increases in cases of 'real' b12 deficiency). 

It would be pointless to measure the b12 itself, because means difference not the true from the false b12. It would be the wrong B12 algae for example.

A beginning of "true b12" deficiency is detrimental health, heart and brain, but not always debilitating depending on the link above and the pro-vegan below link: this deficiency causes as raising the level of homocysteine in the blood which, as low as is, is associated with the increase of many health risks, including adult cardiovascular disease, pre-eclampsia during pregnancy and babies neural tube malformation. (even in the absence of disorders or symptoms).

I have not analyzed my homocysteine because it is not reimbursed by social security.

If he is not a nutritionist, the doctor is not known. But accepts this analysis of methylmalonic acid, so I have an order to get a refund. Otherwise the lab could do the test without refund. He sent the sample (my blood, but the link above recommends urine) to an another lab in Lyon, only responsible for methylmalonic acid. This lab there knew him, because on the result of analysis, indicated in letters that I lack of b12 because my level 2 exceeds the upper limit which is 0.5 methylmalonic acid (but here too, there is controversy over the limit value). It is not overall acidity (no relation to the acid-base balance).

"To my knowledge, no matter the time of day where is the dosage of methylmalonic acid. The deficiency is detected anyway, because in the absence of adequate supply of vitamin B12, methylmalonic acid can not be converted to succinyl-coenzyme A and this regardless of the time of day.

If the dosage of methylmalonic acid shows no vitamin B12 deficiency, may be perform a serum assay of homocysteine, to be absolutely sure. On the other hand, if the urinary methylmalonic acid assay shows a vitamin B12 deficiency, certainly it is deficient."


 My level of the sum of my "true" and "false" b12 was 220, which seemed correct within the range of the 180 to 880. My b12 was above the mini threshold, as well as iron and platelets everything was ok. (although the highest link believes that a normal level of b12 should be greater than 300 or 600)

The b12 stores in the body for 5 years, then the reserves deplete.

I guess like many others that he must have the 'real' B12 vegan somewhere, but Eric told me a synthesis of studies, seriously published by a pro-vegan, which announces the contrary:

So unlike many ideas received, the intestinal flora, the raspberries, nor algae would meet B12?

Many vegetarians and omnivores are also in deficiency of b12, because this vitamin is fragile to heat, and

According to https://fr.answers.y…16090210AAHkaQ9 'intestinal antibiotics, birth control pills, taeni (fish parasite) codeine and aspirin especially are enemies of the B12! A last word to vegetarians and vegans: avoid eating too many grains cooked what dirty your intestine and engengre of the absorption of b12 problems similar to carnivores! It is not enough to provide his body the b12 if it is unfit to its assimilation due to enzyme deficiency or other such Allied B1, B5, B6, B8 and B9 in mind so that vitamin A, C, E plus calcium & potassium. ("sources 🙂: Mr. Monnier, G – C Burger, S. Uebersax, J.P Cusin, Hippocratic, Mr. Dunant, M. Langre, Dr. M. Rabache, D. Mascarenhas, Pr P. Kouchakoff, Dr. R.Virchow, G. Cuvier, E.B. Szekely, Dr. C.T. Schaller, K. Dittrich, C. Leitzmann, Dr. S. Györgyi, etc.")

 -According to dietary tables (numbers below), the meat contain insufficient inferior cheeses according to the link at the top of the article, and it would be dangerous to eat raw, it can contain a parasite that arising in the heart and the brain of one who eats. Or render just sick: "You can have in meats, poultry, raw eggs, beef, fish… germs and parasites which, if they are not killed by cooking, may result in abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fevers," said Thérèse Libert. Symptoms not pleasant but not dangerous in itself, except for populations at risk. "Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women, the ill, the young children and the elderly to eat raw fish and meats."

eggs at 71 ° C according to: or raw according to canada, on the same web site.

Those who believe they have found their way from do not be deficient in b12, please test and comment on this article. Knowing that the 1st link above indicates that it would be necessary to supplement B12 in pharmaceutical form.

 One would find the B12 better digestible hydroxocobalamin or methylcobalamin, according to Coralie *, only on the internet (that I found in Pharmacy and organic shop is another form of b12 that would equate to less well). His absorption in the mouth, it can be the solution or lozenges.

I use this product (vegan) since January, 2015:

I'd like to visit a manufacturing plant, to give ideas, how to grow they the bacterium, or find it they?)

qqun know sunflower cheese? almond? Today everything is sanitized, (even the miso) products are pasteurises if it is not specified on the label that the product is unpasteurized.

* Coralie is a passionate frugivore biochemistry roommate whose remarks and knowledge are more pointed than those of some stars of the web.

known dietary tables, should be 2, 5ug of b12 per person and per day, which would be more difficult to satisfy than we might think: in particular, meat excluded when comparing the value of a life with… nutrients, are poorly placed to bring the b12, same flood with all the mortal dangers that includes because a parasite able to migrate in the heart or brain.

Here in descending order, the quantities of "true b12" recommended daily, translated into food weight: these aren't relevant advice for the vegan, who I hope will bring proven comments that would advance the debate without simply repeating has their account the received ideas seriously challenged by the 1st link at the top of this article.

There would be the daily need either 2.5 ug of (true) b12 in:

It seems that the peanut is not a good source of true b12 because I've consumed raw peanuts but excess of methylmalonic acid.

2.5 ug of b12 = 5 g of peanuts (but will be – this the wrong b12?) with a contradiction because there is 0 according to:

and 50 ug / 100 g according to:

http://Aliments-riches.NET/Aliments-riches-en-Vitamine-B12/Boeuf-Porc-Veau-et-autres-VIANDES, 6.html

There are 2.5 ug of b12 in 50-200 gr of egg (so yellow vintage?) 200 gr approximately 4 eggs? (if the hens are fed grain or insects?); At best, a hen lays about 3650 eggs in her life, which cost the life of a male chick every 10 years, when they are ordered to keep as layers… At worst, from 6 months of age it is in here that 150, to finish in roast chicken with the 11th month…


75 g emmental


115 gr mozzarella raw 115 gr


180 gr brie or gruyere, feta or gouda or edam (i.e. a whole, raw Pack!)

or, even less realistic:

750 g of goat's cheese!


450 gr of (animal) yogurt or half a litre of this "food" so controversial!

or in the "meat" registry:

5 gr cooked clams (according to 2 different sources – a wonder if this would be not an error, or because the POO would eat with?)


8 gr oyster or Octopus


25 gr of mussels flood? or sardines, raw tuna, herring or fish eggs: crus? (see article for contingencies of danger parasite fish and contraindication b12)


100 grams of squid


200 gr. of meat… except for pork, chicken, frog, which does contain only traces. But for the same animal (raw or undercooked?), the values can vary from 3 a 85 ug / 100gr! one analysis to another, as for example on, 6.html b12 "meat" would be worse than the cheese according to the 1st link at the top of the article

many of omnivores are b 12, intestines in bulk, cooking… and the wife of G C Burger and others died after eating raw meat…

human sperm:… No, not for the b12…

I saw somewhere (I don't know more, or what does not serious) that sperm contains 8 times more b12 than blood, and I do not know if the b12 is similar through the vagina. I wanted to calculate how much an ejaculate brings B12.

According to the results of medical analysis of b12, human blood contains between 180 and 880 pg b12/ml. To give the units of grams fractions, for example 200 pg = 0, 0002 ug (micrograms). Assuming that her sexual partner is in the middle (400 pg/ml of blood), there would be an average ejaculate of 4 ch, 4 x(8 x 0,0004 ug) or 0,0128 ug, so it would take 200 average ejaculates to meet the daily need for 2.5 ug of b12… Representing 800 grams or one liter of semen or 6.4 litres of human blood, notice to vampires…

But a study shows that (semen) is good for morale.

3 Responses to B12, Test: would you do part of the minority who would not need?

  1. Chang-yu TW 24 October 2015 at 13:53 #

    I always know my body and mind are healthier and function much better since I’ve applied the raw plant-based lifestyle in 2004 (11 years ago). I have never taken any B12 supplements in my life. My instinct and intution obviously were not good enough for some vegan critics, who believe only in “human science”.
    After been asked about B12 question more than 100 times, I decided to take my 1st B12 + MMA test in September 2015.
    So my level for B12 is closer to 400, and MMA (methylmalonic acid) is 0.3.
    My true B12 level normal 😀 (not to mention I was in personal crisis during the period the test was done).
    From my own experience: raw vegan lifestyle is not only possible, also it’s the best choice I’ve made in my life to be a more compassionate, healthier being.

    • pronostix 27 October 2015 at 09:43 #

      False B12 is in spirulina and other algae, so that it’s important to consider MMA (acide methylmalonique), what is the MMA good limits? if MMA level shows you don’t miss B12, what is your idea about your B12 sources?

      • pronostix 28 October 2015 at 10:34 #

        MMA have to be under 5, so you elong to the 10% vegan don’t miss b12, what is your idea about your b12 sources?

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