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Click this title to see: introduction fruit + links + (s) election list-description of 50 interesting or rare seeds (and their prices)… + AWARD SEED GRANTS

Top 50 among a classification and comparison of hundreds of varieties (table below summarizes the best, the links are active to the comparative). Fruit we are offered by plants which they stand at maturity. Their flesh is completely adapted to our physical and digestive Anatomy, it has no vital for plant function and surrounds the […]

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Specialist of the best botanical fruit Frost: why?

This link summarizes and details the most delicious wild fruit supporting gel, which are good CRUS (price: right column). Up to 50 surprises among thousands of other botanical less or not tasty! Do you have the password? Sends a message if not. You can join to receive the seeds throughout the year when new crops, […]

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Tobacco, alcohol,… are they limiting disadvantages? The happy sobriety brings freedom to (bring)?

The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and meat are culturally dominant and it's here to denigrate them or moralize them! Exclude them common areas of the ecohameau is an interesting experience for everyone, smokers are finally enthusiasts, and duty make 100 meters for smoking outside makes you think or even change of normal reflexes. An opportunity […]

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camelina, chia and lin have the highest proportion of Omega 3

Plant proteins, zinc, Omega hunt… Are habits, culture, education, memories, beliefs, second nature?

Common meals, especially at construction sites, are preference "crudivegetaliens" and "bats". This article contains elements to break a few 'received ideas'! With links worth visiting, in this order: 0 / a few questions 1 / the meat is a (DIS) advantage diet for strength and resistance? 2 / is our constitution anatomical, dental and digestive […]

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Contribute by using and freely passing the info with the address of this site, or by marketing them with consultation on the rights of copyright and designs

Why the new benefit they models and copyright protection? You can move the info from this site by specifying their origin and (to) use free of charge. In the case of commercial recovery, rights 'intellectual property' help to better know their history, and allow a 'win-win' consultation. I have for decades, for example was on […]

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Picture of 08-07-2015 to 19.53 #2

Also tolerate frost… jubaea chilensis (coconut chili – coconut 2, 5 cm), and 3 other fruit Palm trees

-5 ° C to-15 ° C according to pfaf (or even – 15 according to wikipedia (without reference), and -15 according to this seller who has experienced – 10 ° C: 12 m; and same 25 m high according to the link above / 5 m wide (very slow growth until the 15th year). […]

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Cornus kousa chinensis

-15 ° C or a little colder 10 / 6 m partial shade, Sun… or total shadow for C. Mas but better in the Sun for (A) fruit deciduous all soils Edible parts: fruit; Leaves. Fruit – raw or cooke[61, 177]d. Sweet and jui[11, 183]cy, it is very nice in small quantities[K]. Very graineux[105]. The […]

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Elaeagnus Gina, or best Wolf Willow?

-15 to-20 ° C 4 / 4 m in the shade, mi – o, and even in direct sunlight. (table different elaeagnus at the end) PERSISTENT, mature fruit in April-may sometimes prickly branches (see table), often leaves yellow in their centre. all soils, even poor and even drought and salt (sea), except another elaeagnus cordifolia […]

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